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All Models Feature

  • Adjustable magnification and contrast
  • Ability to test transparent or opaque fluids
  • Large field of view and measurement ranges
  • Strobe delay for viewing and measuring stages of drop formation

Model III Features

  • Automatic set up of test specifications
  • Runs measurements over entire printhead or user-specified number of nozzles
  • User-specified measurements taken for each nozzle
  • Operational in automated or manual mode

Models 200 and 300

  • Integrated computer
  • Improved light source
  • USB high resolution camera
  • Quick head mounts


These state of the art analysis tools provides precise, repeatable measurements of critical dynamic fluid-jetting parameters for inkjet printheads, fluid inks, or other specified liquids. Useful in applications where repeatable and exact measurements of drop formation and flight characteristics of jetable fluids are required, Drop Watcher offers a solution for dynamic fluid measurement requirements and precision analysis.